Recycled plastic pallet: we are committed to sustainability


You’re probably tired of hearing that plastic is destroying the planet. However, there is a great deal of misleading information about this material. What is really leading the planet to an unsustainable situation is the current production and management model of goods, resources and services, which seeks to boost short-term consumption of this material.

Did you know that around 50% of European food is wrapped in plastic and that about eight million tonnes end up in the sea? Plastic causes problems, as a bad use of its life cycle, together with its long lifespan, creates waste and pollution. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to properly manage the waste generated by this material. Continue reading “Recycled plastic pallet: we are committed to sustainability”

How sustainable packaging helps the environment?

sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is that whose packaging system respects and helps to protect the environment. It is a favourable alternative for any company or institution and, of course, for nature. Although there is still a long road ahead, fortunately many companies and domestic and international organisations are increasingly convinced that sustainability is a necessary goal and a wise decision for the future.

Ensuring the balance between human development and nature is of vital importance, which is why environmental protection is the focus of many public policies of European organisations that perceive that it is necessary to act as soon as possible. Continue reading “How sustainable packaging helps the environment?”