Our commitments

We make it easier to get products from the field to the table, maximising efficiency and sustainability with our packaging solutions.

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At Green Box we are committed to

Green Box's commitments to its environment

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With the environment

With our clients

Green Box is dedicated to providing efficient and sustainable packaging solutions, ensuring the quality and integrity of transported products. The company prioritises customer satisfaction by offering reliable services and resource management that facilitates their work and reduces waste. In addition, it is committed to strong and ethical relationships, being a reliable ally to its customers and a responsible partner in the supply chain.

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With our workers

At Green Box we consider quality as an integral task shared by all employees, recognising it as a key factor in the competitiveness and success of the company.

At the same time, we actively encourage staff consultation, participation and involvement in the management and achievement of the objectives of the Management System, promoting a collaborative and empowering work environment where each employee has an active and valued role in decision making and in the implementation of business strategies.

With ourselves

Green Box management is committed to reviewing and revising our corporate policy on a regular basis. We are also committed to the continuous development of the management system and product quality, promoting planning and improvement actions.