At Green Box we understand sustainability

At Green Box, we understand sustainability as an integral and essential practice in all our activities, reflecting a deep commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

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Features of our Green Box

Sustainable packaging for long distances

Green Box has the best tare to payload ratio on the market. Simplifying the packaging and palletising task (without lower and intermediate pallets) means a 10% saving in transport, with a consequent reduction in environmental impact.

It also helps to ventilate the product, maintaining the ideal temperature and reducing energy consumption.

Sistema de Embalaje Sostenible

Environmental Validation and Commitment: Our Environmental Product Declaration

At Green Box, the focus on a sustainable packaging system is manifested through its DAP certification, which validates the environmental care and sustainability of its products. The EPD, or Environmental Product Declaration, provides verified information on the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle.

The international EPD System

Green Box Circularity

Some of our key aspects are the circular economy and reverse logistics to achieve a sustainable future. Our circular economy involves the reuse and recycling of materials, thus reducing resource consumption and minimizing waste.