What you need, when and where you need it.

Our products are widely used in supermarkets in Europe, showing our prominent presence in the global market. 

We serve customers around the world and, through our distribution network, we promote sustainability and efficiency in packaging, contributing to the well-being of the food sector and the global environment.

Green Box Distributors

Strategically located near the main fruit and vegetable producing areas of Spain (Valencia, Almería, Sevilla and Murcia) and Italy (Bari and Rome).

Our GREEN BOXes can be recovered throughout Europe thanks to our collaborators. In addition, our GREEN BOXes are also available in the following distribution points in Europe: United Kingdom, Finland, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Germany.

Oficina y muelle de GreenBox

Green Box Collaborators

Our Green Boxes

Ready to be loaded

The GREEN BOX is assembled from our logistics centers to the destination warehouse ready to be loaded with product. The producer does not need stock thanks to the immediate service and does not need to deposit deposits.