Circular economy

Circularity in Green Box

Green Box exemplifies circularity by reusing and recycling its packaging materials, creating a closed loop that reduces waste and resource consumption.

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Recycle and recover your investment

At Green Box we have collaborators throughout Europe who are responsible for collecting used material, recycling it for the manufacture of new packaging and returning it to the market, thus considerably reducing the volume of waste.

Green Box Collaborators

Material recovery

Green Box System Recycling

Thanks to its easy disassembly (without staples or nails) and storage, we can reuse a large part of the
material for the manufacture of new packaging.
Green Box can facilitate pick-up transportation. Approximate quantities to load a truck
complete are the following.

  • In the case of loading only Trade Pallets, 2,112 Trade Pallets can be collected (32 pallets high x 66).
  • In the case of loading a combined truck, around 1,400 Trade Pallets and 80 boxes can be introduced.
    of wood. Each box can include 15 to 20 wooden games