Recycle and
get your investment back

At Green Box we have partners all over Europe who are responsible for collecting used material, recycling it for the manufacture of new packaging and putting it back on the market, thus considerably reducing the volume of waste.

Spain and Portugal


Enter the number of pallets and get the value that we will refund

* The given prices are unit prices in euros and placed in Spain (+ VAT).

-Tradepallets will be valued by units.

-The woods that will be valued by: unit of square of the three measures (505, 690 and 990mm), unit of large slat of 760mm or unit of small slat of 545mm.

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5 Rue Alexandre Fleming
49000 Angers, Francia
Tel. +34 96 124 0118


Platten Concept GmbH
Stellmannskamp 8
D - 27308 Kirchlinteln
Tel. +49 (0) 4236 - 999 65 0

Belgium and Netherlands

Pemma Pallets B.V
Ramgatseweg 20
4941 VS Raamsdonksveer
Tel. 0031-162-422908

United Kingdom

PR Pallets
40 Station Road
Waltham Abbey
Essex EN9 1AA
Tel. +44 01992 761116


Metropolitan City of Bari
70010 Adelfia BA
Tel. +34 96 124 0118


L&T Ympäristöpalvelut Oy
Valimotie 27 (PO Box 28)
FI-00380 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +34 961 240 118

Reciclaje de Palets Greenbox

Reciclaje de TradePallet

Both, TradePallet in good condition and deteriorated units are paid, since we integrate them into the manufacturing process of new plastic pallets.

Reciclaje estructura de madera

The wooden structure of GreenBox is formed by two square units (total 4 triangle bars; CU… reference according its model), two large slats of 760mm and two short slats of 545mm. Two paired triangle bars form the square unit. Those parts that are broken o very dirty, will not be paid. The prices indicated are unit prices in euros and in Spain (+VAT).

Empresa de reciclaje de Palets de plástico

GreenBox can facilitate collection transportation under the following conditions. The truck must be complete. The approximate quantities to load a full truck are as follows:

  • In the case of loading only Trade Pallets, at total of 2.112 Trade Pallets (32 high x 66) can be picked up.
  • In the case of loading a combined truck, about 1.400 Trade Pallets and 80 wooden boxes can be loaded. Each box can contain between 15 and 20 wooden sets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.:

Following, we copy some photos to facilitate the preparation of the material:

  • preparacion tradepallet
  • preparacion greenbox
  • preparacion maderas
  • maderas greenbox
  • greenbox preparación
  • medidas maderas
  • maderas