In Green Box, we are committed to fulfilling the requirements and needs of our clients.

Green Box

As an organisation that works in the manufacturing of paper, wooden and plastic containers as well as packaging for fruit and vegetables, we strive to fulfil our quality policy as laid out in this section. The objective of this policy is to develop and improve our Management System, making a commitment to fulfil our clients’ needs and requirements, without taking on any tasks if we are unable to guarantee the quality of our services.



  • To establish, develop and keep an up-to-date Quality Management System that meets the requirements set forth in the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard and which reflects the needs and expectations of our clients and other interested parties.
  • To ensure that we meet the expectations of the interested parties.
  • To comply with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions when carrying out our activity.
  • To establish quality objectives, goals and programmes as well as providing the necessary resources.
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  • As our clients’ satisfaction is our main concern we do everything within our power to determine their needs and expectations, and we then use the means necessary to meet and even exceed their expectations.
  • We deliver the products within the shortest possible time at a competitive price, by doing so we are able to maintain our good reputation in terms of quality, rapid service and favourable price.
  • We make sure that our staff are fully aware of the importance of finding out our clients’ needs as that will enable them to provide them with improved solutions that they will be satisfied with.
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  • It is very important for all our staff to be actively involved in guaranteeing the quality of our products and this is an aspect which gives us the edge over our competitors.
  • We encourage our staff to participate and become actively involved in the management and attainment of the goals outlined in the Management System.
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    Green Box’s managerial body undertakes to review and modify this corporate policy where necessary on a regular basis. Likewise, it undertakes to constantly develop the quality management system as well as promoting planning and improvement activities.

    Green Box

    Our products are used by the majority of the supermarkets throughout Europe and we also provide our services to clients throughout the world

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